Student Ministries

Learn more about Middle and High School small groups, trips, experiences

Our youth group for Middle and High School students meets every Sunday evening at 6:30 for Bible study, relevant discussions, and activities. At various times during the year, we host special outings and get-togethers, like attending Pacers and Colts games. 

Our Youth also participate in local service projects and have the opportunity for an annual mission trip out of state. 

Sunday School for grades 6 through 12 meets after worship at 11:11 am until noon. 

Youth Sunday

A shared testimony from one of our youth, Nicholas: 

“On any typical Sunday, you can find me right back there in the booth running the live stream. I’m always at youth group giving time to God. I’m also always trying to find more ways to help out. This youth group is growing. I see that we can truly make a large impact in our community through service. There are many things we can do and have planned to do. These include working at an animal shelter and helping out at various food banks around town. Along with that, we still sponsor a section of US 136 heading East. We are planning to clean that up and make that look significantly better. Our job as a youth group should not be inward focused. Our job should be to show people outside who God has made us to be and to encourage more people to join us on our journey.”

Sunday Night Youth Group filled with Spiritual Formation/Discussion/Small Groups - and of course fun and games too!

Friends and visitors are always welcome!

Sunday Night Youth