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Our Mission

Our Preschool is designed to provide a Christ-centered educational program where children obtain a Christian education and develop school-readiness skills. The school serves children ages 3-5 years, to prepare them to enter elementary school. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the Indiana Academic Standards for Early Childhood Education.

The Preschool is staffed with committed Christians who have your child’s development as their priority. All teachers are required to have a college degree and teacher aides are required to have experience in working with young children. The Preschool is supervised by a Director and is administered by the Calvary Learning Academy Board.

Children’s age as of August 1 determines classroom placements. Calvary follows the August 1 cut-off enforced by the State of Indiana. 3’s Plus and Kinderskills have a cut-off date of February 1 for enrollment as set by the Calvary Learning Board.

Jr. Pre-K (Age 3 Years by August 1)

2 Days a week. Socialization through small and large group activities is important at this age. Students will begin to develop academic

readiness with shapes, colors, sizes and exposure to numerals and the alphabet. Activities for large and small muscles allow for physical

development while stories, rhymes and songs aid listening skills and spiritual awareness. Children must be toilet trained to attend

Preschool. Class size is limited to 12 students.

3’s Plus (Age 4 years by February 1)

3 Days a Week. This class is designed for older 3-year-olds who are ready for a 3-day-a-week program. It offers a curriculum similar to the Pre-K classes. Children who have already mastered their colors, numbers and shapes would be appropriate for this class. Children are encouraged to enroll in Kinderskills the following year. Maximum class size is 15 students.

Pre-K (Age 4 years by August 1)

2 or 3 Days a Week. A program of gross and fine motor development, social interaction and values awareness is integrated with academic readiness in the area of listening, language, writing, alphabet and numeral recognition and initial letter sounds. Discovery play expands the child's experiences. Maximum class is 15 students.

Kinderskills (Age 5 years by February 1)

2, 3 or 5 Days a Week. This class is designed for older preschoolers and five-year-olds who need an extra year of growth before Kindergarten. The class will continue to provide readiness skills and will offer more phonics and language arts, science, computer and math experiences. Maximum class size is 15 students.