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Parent's Day Out

Our Mission

Parent’s Day Out is a supervised child care program designed to meet the needs of parents for free time. It is our goal to provide your child with a safe and nurturing Christian environment, where children can grow and learn the values of a Christ centered community of faith.

Our weekly activities are theme based. Teachers may incorporate other songs, stories and activities which are Biblically based. All children participate in a music and Chapel class, on a daily basis.

No specific doctrine of belief is being taught, but rather basic principles of Christian living. A short prayer of thanks prior to snack and lunch, which is provided by parents, is also a part of our daily routine.

Your child will also have many opportunities for free play. He/she will have a chance to express themselves creatively through role play, learning centers, and other small group activities.

Please keep in mind that while we will try to offer your child challenging learning experiences through play, we are not a preschool program.

The Parent’s Day Out Program is supervised by a Director, Tonya Conover and is administered by the Calvary Learning Academy Board.

Days & Times

Our program operates on a balanced calendar, from the middle of August through mid-May.

Hours of operations are Tuesday - Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

A half day option is available from 9:00am - 1:00pm

God’s Little Angels (Minimum age of 12 months, and walking steadily – 2 years)

In this classroom, children will learn many new things. We introduce colors, shapes, and numbers in a fun way. Your child will create simple crafts, and play with other children his/her own age. Our ratio is 1 teacher to every five children.

Lord’s Lambs / Prayer Bears (Age 2 years by August 1)

This is a busy year of learning for your child. In this classroom we encourage learning through interactive play, crafts, art, and music. We introduce numbers, letters, colors, and shapes through play. Our ratio is 2 teachers to 12 children.

Rainbows (Age 3 years by August 1)

In this class, our teachers will encourage your child to learn independently, and with guided help. We will work on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, as well as other preschool type activities. Our ratio is 1 teacher to 7 children.

Good Samaritans (Age 4 years by August 1)

Our Good Samaritans Class tops our list. Our Pre-K age program consists of preschool activities, such as circle time, centers, computers, science, art, and crafts. Our ratio is 2 teachers to 15 children.