In-Person Gatherings

Learn more about the different gatherings returning in-person

In-Person Worship Service

Each Sunday at 10:00 am

Masks no longer required but still suggested in worship

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced recently (May 16, 2021) that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 no longer need to wear masks or physically distance — whether indoors or outdoors in most circumstances. 

So, what does this mean for Calvary?

Fully vaccinated persons (2 weeks after the last dose of the vaccine) are considered exempt from mask-wearing and social distancing. Unvaccinated persons … are not.

Calvary’s Covid-19 policies have always followed the general rule to “do no harm.” While care of souls is our pivotal focus, we strive to be both safe and responsible when it comes to the elderly, the sick, and the most vulnerable among us. We do not want to compromise anyone’s health. But, we also want to honor those who have been fully vaccinated and who make their own personal decision about whether to wear a mask.

Masks are encouraged – but not required – during our multi-generational worship. This suggested policy continues to love and offer protection to our youngest members, as well as those whose health continues to be at risk. Calvary’s Sanctuary will remain set up in pod seating so that families and small groups can sit together while allowing space between groups.

We know there are many in our church family who, for various reasons, will not be regathering at Calvary at this time. We will continue with our online live stream on Sundays and seek to provide opportunities for you to take steps in your faith.  

General Guidelines for In-Person Worship:

  • All attendees are asked to practice social distancing while in the building and sit in seating pods with their family unit.
  • All attendees are suggested to wear a mask.
  • We ask that each attendee in-person sign in upon entry to the building as we keep attendance.
  • We strongly recommend that those with pre-existing health conditions and/or those who are considered high-risk continue to engage with Sunday worship online through our live stream.
  • We will seek to adhere to occupancy limits for each room to help comply with social distancing guidelines as groups decide to regather. Please contact the Church Office for further guidance and meeting suggestions and assistance in returning.
  • No self-service meals or drink options will be available at this time. Please bring your own coffee or water tumbler if you'd like.
  • Please follow all guidance giving by volunteers, leaders and signage as they ensure we create the safest experience possible for everyone.

Group Gatherings

Groups of all sizes are permitted to meet in the Calvary facility. Masks are not required but suggested for groups with those unvaccinated.

To reserve a space or find an open time in the Calvary facility, please contact Lisa Stiers at our Church Office,

General Group Gathering Use Information:

  • Meetings will be coordinated through Lisa Stiers at the Church Office.
  • Meetings will be staggered to minimize cross-traffic.
  • Meeting leader will ensure clean-up of room and wipe down of high contact surfaces per room instruction signs.
  • Signs will be posted in meeting rooms with the following info:
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Information
  • Meeting Clean-up
  • Tables and metal chairs are available for use, but will be managed by the meeting attendees.
  • Cleaning schedule will be posted on the meeting door with date of last cleaning noted. Cleaning will be at least weekly with additional cleaning after major events.

Group Room Use Clean-Up Expectations

After meetings, wipe down the following surfaces with spray and wipes provided and leave waste in room trash can.

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Door knobs
  • Light Switches
  • Wipe any audio/visual devices used (do not spray).

Restroom Use

  • Doors propped open
  • Cleaned at least daily and after each major event with a schedule posted near the door of the room
  • Signs will be posted in meeting rooms with the following info:
  • Wash Your Hands
  • COVID-19 Vaccination information

Drinking Fountain Use

  • Do not drink directly from the fountains – fill available disposable cups or personal water bottles
  • Cleaned at least daily and after each major event with schedule kept at faucet