Learning Academy FAQs

Learning Academy FAQs

1. When does enrollment begin for Fall 2021?

We will start enrolling current students, former student families and church members on Feb. 1st. Community registration begins on Feb. 8th at 9:30 am.

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions this year, registration drop off will be different. For current students, forms need to be placed in your child's backpack, mailed in, or handed to a teacher starting February 1. For community enrollment, forms need to be mailed in, or dropped off at door #5 (the CLA entrance) starting at 9:30 am on February 8.

2. How do I register for class?

Registration is easy! Just fill out the enrollment form that is available to download online or pick up at the church. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 is required to reserve your place in the program. If you are enrolling a second child, the second registration fee will be only $75. Please fill out a separate enrollment form for each child. Within a week or two of submitting your registration packet, you will be emailed an enrollment confirmation letter. If classes are full, children are placed on a waiting list and called when an opening become available. If you are waitlisted, you do not have to pay the enrollment fee until an opening is available. 

3. What other documents do you need for registration? 

You will need to turn in the registration form, debit form and your child’s immunization record if they are a new student to Calvary. If they are a returning student, we only need your immunization record if they have updated shots. We do not require a birth certificate for registration. All forms must be turned in for your registration to be complete.

4. Will there be class openings for community registration?

Yes, we will have openings for the community.

5. What is your age cut-off forenrollment?

The Learning Academy begins to serve children age 12 months (and walking steadily) to age 6 before entering Kindergarten. Each class has an age cut-off date that is listed on the registration form. The preschool classes will accept children who have turned age three by August 1. These children should be able to indicate emotional readiness to be separated from their parents, be toilet trained and self-reliant in the bathroom.

6. Can a student start mid-year?

Yes. Students can enroll throughout the year if there are openings available in the class.

7. When do classes begin? 

Our classes will begin Aug. 9, 2021 and end May 20, 2022. We follow our own calendar, but our breaks closely follow the Brownsburg Public School calendar. You may access the school calendar here.

8. How much is tuition?

Tuition rates are available on the registration form. Tuition is prorated throughout the school year and is broken down into 10 equal payments. Tuition is due Aug-May. Payments will be taken out the 5th of each month. An automatic debit program is required for families who wish to enroll. The Debit Enrollment form is available with the registration form and must be turned in when registering a child. If you prefer not to participate in the debit program you may pay your yearly tuition in full by August 5th.

9. What is your curriculum?

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive Christian education for your child to have them fully prepared to start elementary school. We have created our own curriculum based on the Indiana Preschool Foundations. Our curriculum is age-appropriate for the children and centers on a theme of the week. Social, developmental and school readiness skills are all emphasized. The Toddler and 2 year old programs learn through play, and have music, crafts, and story time. Daily preschool activities include circle time, structured creative play and learning centers, pre-academic skill activities, fine and gross motor activities, music class, and story time. 

10. Do the children eat lunch at school?

Yes, all the children will eat lunch during their time at school. Parents are asked to pack a lunch for their child. We have limited refrigerator space, so most children pack a lunch box, including a cold pack.

11. What about snack time? 

We do have snack time for our toddlers and 2 yr old programs. Please place a small snack in your child's lunchbox with "snack" written on the packaging. The preschool classes do not have snack time but will celebrate children's birthdays by having them bring in a special birthday treat. Teachers will schedule these celebrations. Children staying for our Enrichment classes will have an afternoon snack time and should include a small snack in their lunchbox with "snack" written on the packaging.

12. Do children participate in both the Preschool and the Enrichment Classes?

Yes! Many of our families will do both classes. If you need to have your child attend all 5 days, it is possible to sign up for both a M,W,F class and a T,TH class if room is available. Staff will work with you to provide the best programming option for your needs.

13. Do you provide transportation?

The Learning Academy does not provide transportation. Families are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children. 

14. Can we come in for a tour?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not offering tours at this time. In the near future, a virtual tour will be available online.