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Our Teachers

Say hello to our Teachers at the Learning Academy

Meet our Teachers!

Mrs. Rolfson & Mrs. Messmer | Jr. Pre-K

Mrs. Stonebraker, Mrs. Veach | 3's Plus & Pre-K

Mrs. Eastman & Mrs. Mitchell | Pre-K

Mrs. Sturgill & Mrs. Leonard | Kinderskills

Mrs. Schott & Mrs. Ford | Kinderskills

Mrs. Polen & Mrs. Finn | Kinderskills

Mrs. Conway | Music


Coach Carla | Gym teacher

Meet our Teachers

Ms. Lyn, Ms. Laura, Ms. brandi | God's Little Angels

Ms. Laura & Ms. Holly | Lord's Lambs

Ms. Amber & Ms. Krista | Prayer Bears

Ms. Angela & Ms. Shannon | Rainbows

Ms. Melinda & Ms. Erin | Good Samaritans

Mrs. Conway | Music

Ms. Nancy | Floater

coach carla | gym teacher