High School


Amplify is Calvary Student Ministry’s High School big event!  Every Sunday night from 6:30-8:30pm in the Fellowship Hall at Calvary UMC, 9th-12th graders have tons of fun playing fun games, tossing a frisbee, studying the Bible, singing worship songs and eating good eats.

Amplify is also an important time for Biblical teaching and discussion.  Part of each night is segmented for Bible teaching and discussion in small groups  to help the students not only hear the Word of God taught and illuminated, but chew on the teachings to figure out how it might impact their lives.

There are two small groups (click their names to view their Facebook):

9th-10th grade led by Pastor Ron Branson and Stacie Heidegger

11th-12th grade led by Jon Blake and Megan Attwood and Brent Miller

Amplify is open to anyone no matter which church they attend on Sunday morning or what other youth group they attend throughout the rest of the week.  Everyone is welcome at Amplify!  Jesus invites all of us, no matter what!

Weekly Small Groups

Soul Sistas

This group of high school girls meets at The Heidegger's Home (7815 Dartmouth Ct.) in Brownsburg Wednesdays at 7:00pm. to talk high school girl and study relevant topics these sistas are going through. 

Band of Brothers

A group of high school guys that meet on Wednesdays at 7:00pm at The Evan's House (1160 Hornaday Rd., Brownsburg) to discuss life's deep topics and even sometimes just the guy stuff from the week so they may become more devoted to Christ and therefore become more devoted as a brotherhood to each other.