Commission on a Way Forward

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The United Methodist Church has a special General Conference in St. Louis, February 23-26. Several plans for "A Way Forward" have been proposed. These plans may touch upon our official understanding of human sexuality as well as implications and changes regarding ordination, the role and authority of our bishops, pastoral authority, and our polity, organization, and structure. We have three information sessions at Calvary before the General Conference and everyone is urged to attend one of these times.

The information sessions will consist of Pastor Todd Outcalt sharing with a welcome, intro and prayer followed by retired UMC Pastor and Indiana Conference Communications Director Dan Gangler sharing the various plans to be discussed and voted on at the Special General Conference.

Each session will close with a short time for question and answer.

February 13, 7:00pm - Calvary Sanctuary

February 20, 12:00pm - Calvary Sanctuary

February 21, 7:00pm - Calvary Sanctuary

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Any questions about these conversational information sessions can be emailed to Pastor Todd Outcalt at